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i have no sound on Cubase 3 with my fatar SL 880 no matter what i do, (monitor,record). I'm kinda newbie in midi config. so what i did was inserting a cable into 1 of two outputs from my kb and on the other side plugged into IN . I don't find my kb in midi device manager list. I own an Delta 1010 LT
suggestions pls !


Kev Thu, 11/05/2009 - 13:01

the Fatar SL 880 is a controller keyboard
It doesn't make a sound
It outputs MIDI Data

the Fatar SL 880 will need to be available to Cubase as a midi input device

Fatar/ Midi Out (1or2) - Delta1010/ Midi IN

you will need to route the midi data on the midi track to a softsynth in Cubase