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CurrentSense Mic Pre by Joe Meek ?

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I just came across this:

JOEMEEK announces revolutionary new microphone pre amplifier technology.
The "CurrentSense" microphone amplifier.
It's on

And the Joe Meek people say (of course) that it is a brand new way of pre-amplification.

My questions:

1) Is it really a new technology?
2) How does this new thing sound? (anyone tried it yet?)

ThanX in advance...


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Kev Tue, 11/13/2001 - 21:23
Yep I have one and I also have the VC6Q and as with all the gear I own I have had the lid off.

What do you want to know.

It sounds fine.
My book says it has a TX inside. No it doesn't. The enhancer is interesting but as with all enhancers you have to be careful with it.

Is it new technology?
I've had the lid off a couple of times and havn't worked the circuit out yet so I should say too much.

BUT in another user group a Joe Meek rep. had alot to say about the VC6Q. Their description for the input stage went on and on .... The fact is it is a SSM2017 chip from Analog Devices. It is now a discontinued device which is sad news as it is a great chip and I have used it in many units I have built.

Back to the point. The VC1Qcs. Current Sense.... mmmm? I don't see that and I really have tried to understand where they are coming from. The main chip at the input is the MC33078P and this chip is also used in the EQ section. The rest are the usual suspects of TL072's and 74's.

It can also have a A-to-D option installed.

I'm still looking for the New Technology.

It is a cheap unit and sound fine, the opto section is great and it has a healthy output and can as per the spec get to +26dBu.

Do you want me to get inside it and find out more or is this enough for now?

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Pro Audio Guest Wed, 11/14/2001 - 00:21
Originally posted by Julian Standen:
Why don't you cut & paste that article here so we can all read it. I looked but could not find it.

well it;s here:
(with pictures...)
Let's paste some shorter info here without pictures:

PASTE :D new way?
And how does it sound compared to other pre's ?!