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D6 vs D112 vs Beta 52

What would you recomend using on the kick drum. I mostly going to record hard rock, metal styles. Recently i've been using pg52 and for metal i would always mic the beter with sm57. I think out of theese 3 options i need something with more bottom than click. Thank you.



Gertok Fri, 11/23/2007 - 11:14

Oh yeah, Just saw a review that says EV N/D868 is direct decendent of re-20... makes me want to buy it right away.

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bent Fri, 11/23/2007 - 11:18

Can I get any sound samples of EV N/D868?

As soon as I can, probably some time early next week, I'll post some - I'll put Attention: Gertok in the title.

Right now, I gotta change the brakes on my cars, so I'll be in my driveway for an hour or so getting dirty.

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Davedog Fri, 11/23/2007 - 12:32

My take> The Audix D6 is 'instant kickdrum'. It will not matter where in the drum you place it, it will sound like it sounds. For your usage, a perfect fit.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a wider variety for kick drum, then the EV or an ATM25 would be the ticket. The ATM25 is no longer made (go figure, the best mic for this??) so used is where you'll have to look. No worries as these are made like tanks. It is also a completely 'honest' mic. The source is what you'll hear, and it'll be a complete vision of it. This mic takes EQ with no harshness, compression is its friend, and through a good pre it can be magic. It is also one of the best heavy guitar mics I have heard as well as a vocal mic if it came to it. (think SM7B with less headbump).

I use mine live by itself and in the studio I closemic the kick inside with it and use an LDC outside. If I need more click, I'll simply add an Audix D4 inside.

RemyRAD Fri, 11/23/2007 - 13:21

I really love the Sennheiser MD421 in the bass drum, snare drum top, Tom Toms, heck I've even used them for overheads with outstanding results. The fat! The roundness! The huge Big Bopper of drum sounds.

Another opinion (i.e. ass hole)
Ms. Remy Ann David

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bent Fri, 11/23/2007 - 13:30

This asshole has to go wash his... uh... never mind.

Anyway, I'm currently covered in brake dust and grime, but as soon as I can get around to it I'll post some samples of the EV.

While I'm at it, I think I'll start taking pics of other mic techniques as mentioned in the other post, and I'll throw some clips up of those as well.

Gertok Fri, 11/23/2007 - 14:00

I also have an f-12 by audix and 2 x pg52. F-12 sounds much better, but not good enough for me. So I am selling my 2 x pg52 and buying something in this price range $150. So I started to think about EV.

P.S. I am cleaning my .25 backyard from leaves. I have a giant maple tree that dumps a lot of them.

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bent Fri, 11/23/2007 - 14:11

I really love the Sennheiser MD421

I really love the Sennheiser MD421, and the 441, everywhere!

I especially like the 441 under the snare, and as I've said before, my "singer" refuses to "ahem.. uh, sing... cough, cough" through any of the other mics I have - he loves the 441 on his vox...

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bent Fri, 11/23/2007 - 15:15

I hear ya, I was just responding to Remy's post.

If you get to the point where you can afford them, buy some, you wont be disappointed.

TheBear Fri, 11/23/2007 - 15:21

ya im also a huge fan of the 421's

also what i kinda like is the EV re-20

but im also a fan of the beta 52 and d6.

rockstardave Sat, 11/24/2007 - 06:34

i have used all 3, and i'm sure most of the people on this board have as well. heres my quick reviews of each...

D6 : easy to use. fool proof. you cant really do much to mess it up, but it'll always give you a rich rock sounding kick drum. i own one of these since i sold my D112

D112 : i hate this thing live... it picks up too much of everyone else unless it's INSIDE the kick drum. any time that i've put it inside the kick drum, i get way too much thwappy attack. yuck. BUT it would probably be great in the studio for kick drum or bass cab. definitely needs to be EQed to make it sound good (which isnt necessarily bad. most mics need at least a little EQ).

BETA52 : very versitile. i've found that i can get any sound i want out of this mic when it's on a kick drum. it takes some EQ of course -- but then you'd be able to get any style to sound good... not just d6-rock. i really like using this one for jazz-fusiony stuff. this one DEFINTELY sounds much better with a compressor/gate

all in all, it depends on your use and experience.
if you dont want to have to worry about anything and will be working with rock, get a D6.
if you want to do studio work, get a D112.
if you're good enough with a comp/gate and eq, get a BETA52.

ps - i am selling my d6. anyone wanna buy it or trade for a Beta52?

Gertok Sat, 11/24/2007 - 10:20

I guess i just want something universal, but if i need click I can use sm57 as an addition to it.... I really want that EV mic, because it is close to re-20, metallica used re-20 on AJFA. Unfortunately Re-20 cpsts a lot more than i will get by selling 2 x pg52

Gertok Sat, 11/24/2007 - 15:28

Sold 2 x pg52 so waiting for sound samples of EV ;-) if like it will buy it! Thank you.

multoc Sat, 11/24/2007 - 16:28

Didn't I just ask this question? lol I actually like my D112 better than the beta 52, it gives me alot easier to manage high end than the 52. But then again off axis kick drum mic'ing solves alot of problems

Gertok Sun, 11/25/2007 - 15:54

Alright ended up buying EV ND868, got it for $130 brand new of ebay. Thank you every one for the advice, would mind hearing those samples anyway 8-)

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bent Fri, 11/23/2007 - 09:33

The Audix drum series mics are good quality at a low price, but honestly not my go to mics - lots of people seem to like them, though.

I've never really been impressed with D112s in the studio.
I could be jaded in that I've seen and used them many, many times in live venues (they seem to be most prevalent on stage), and I find that I've always gotta scoop out a lot of low mids from them to get a decent bit of definition.

The Beta52 has been cropping up a lot on riders lately, so much so that I recently purchased 6 to keep up with demand.

A few years ago a lot of my fellow techs were into the Beta91. I don't really care for them, but have used them on many occasions as well.

My go to mic for kick is the EV N/D868, it has proven to be the most versatile for my taste (though I do still scoop out some low-mids when I use it).

patrick_like_static Fri, 11/23/2007 - 10:07

bent wrote: with D112s...I've always gotta scoop out a lot of low mids from them to get a decent bit of definition.

Absolutely, bent. I've never heard a D112 that sounded good without moderate-to-extreme eq'ing.

Of the choices you mentioned, Gertok, my favorite is the D6: it isn't ultra versatile but is unmatched for "that sound" that's so popular today in fashion rock and metal. The click is pronounced and the lows are deep and controlled. If you want boomy, however, I second either the [=""]Beta 91[/]=""]Beta 91[/] or Beta 52.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, buy an [[url=http://=""]Audio Technica 250DE[/]=""]Audio Technica 250DE[/] and post about your results. The idea is incredible but reviews for it are scant.

Gertok Fri, 11/23/2007 - 11:11

Thank you.

I don't have enough money do be an enterpreneur. sad...

Can I get any sound samples of EV N/D868?
I am going to record only metal, so for metal sm57 will compensate for click and i need something for the bottom end, that will sound good with accoustic mellow styles.