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DAW crash

ok so i run Sonar 4 PE on XP Pro.
now once ina blue moon while mixing in Sonar the GUI will disapear leaving the actual program running. if i open task manager i will see that Sonar is still running in the processes tab but not the applications tab. ending the process will not work. so the next logical step would be to restart the computer, but unfortunately it will not let me. i have to maually turn the computer off then restart. after that everything is fine. (this can not be good to my computer)
-does anyone know what the hell is going on or how i can fix this?
-thanks in advance.


Thomas W. Bethel Sat, 03/11/2006 - 07:11
Well a couple of things come to mind.

How much memory do you have?

When was the last time you checked for viruses, malware, etc etc. Also you might want to see what you have running in the background. Sometimes programs are checking for upgrades or sending information back to someone that has some malware on your computer and this can effect lots of things. Are you using a seperated drive for youraudio files (highly recommended) and do you have your disks defragmented on a regular basis?

Some more information on your computer would be MOST helpful to help you figure this all out.

Pro Audio Guest Sat, 03/11/2006 - 09:39
thanks guys

in response:
-no i havent uninstalled any programs recently
- i run 1 gb ddr ram
- i run adaware and spy bot like daily (update every week)
-yes i do run a rather large sata hard drive for audio files only (defrag about 2 times a month)
- i run symantec antivirus constantly (updates as well)
- on top of that, i disconnect any internet connections manually before running any DAW. (im paranoid)

as far as system specs they are:

custom built machine
AMD 64 1.79 GHZ
1 gig ddr ram
2 sata harddrives
windows XP PRO SP2

like i said it doesnt happen all the time, maybe like 1 a month.
thanks again

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/17/2006 - 19:18

I have never had a problem running any Cakewalk product on any windows operating system (95, 98/98se or XP) system in 10 years... (don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan of MS but...) I've usually found in the past that when I have had a problem it has been me or my computer hardware.

It's not a good idea to have your DAW connected to the internet EVER (use another computer) but if you have to, lock it down like Fort Knox and check and clean DAILY! Also don't visit sites that are on the 'fringe' (you know what I mean)?

I recommend that you un install Cakewalk (all versions) and sort out your computer... make sure that all drivers are current and no conflicts etc. Do you have any other music software installed? Make sure that you have no junk running in the background, disable and get rid of Outlook Express and any software firewalls (they cause more problems than anything else from my experience) Use a router / firewall if you have to be on-line and just disable any other Windows c**p that you don't need....

Check your sound cards compatibility with CW (what are you using) and when you think you have done as much as possible re boot the computer and re install CW carefully. If you still have problems you may want to re install windows... are you having problems with any other programs, I'll bet you are!

Good Luck.

I just read that you have a custom built computer.. they can be troublesome if components are not researched / and or not put together with care. Some chipset / AMD chip combinations are not recommended by Cakewalk.. check their web site.

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/17/2006 - 22:58
thankyou for your reply.

i recently unistalled sonar 4.0 pe and upgraded to sonar 5.0 pe. and so far i havent had a problem. i havent had this problem with anything else and i keep my computer very very clean. (trust me on this.... im almost anal)
i run a MOTU 2408 mk3, and i am pretty sure its compatible.

i will check to see if all my components can co-exsist in harmony.

thankyou again.