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Decision Time FF400 MOTU 828 MkII Sebatron VMP

Hi All,

Been looking at upgrading my "studio" in ages. I have an old Hoontech CPort (ergh) and am looking at getting a firewire interface. Been reading heaps and everything has problems with it (except maybe the fireface 800 which is universally loved). Anyway, I'm sick of reading, its time to buy. I had just about decided to buy a fireface 400 - however I have since realised the converters aren't the same as the 800 (specs are different). I imagine it would be as stable (same driver) and have great latency, but maybe not sound as good (no reviews yet unfortunately). So I am also looking at the MOTU 828 MkII. It probably won't sound as good as the FF400, but I have found a really really good price for it - about $700 AUD (about $530 US) cheaper than the Fireface 400. With that price differential I could almost get a Sebatron VMP 1000e and a MOTU 828 Mk II for the same price as the FF. I'd go for the FF 800 - but can't quite justify the price at the moment. Note that if I got the FF 400 I'd hopefully add a nice pre to it at some indeterminant time in the future.

What do people think? I am running Windows XP and would use the interface for recording bands at home, and also to run softsynths live with my laptop - and probably click tracks and backing tracks.

Thanks for reading



pr0gr4m Mon, 07/24/2006 - 11:23
I love my 828 MKII. It's got lots of functionality, lots of inputs and it's easy to use.'s only got 2 pre's but thats what the external ones are for.

I'd agree with BrokenBones in that an upgrade in preamps will make more of a difference in the sound than just an upgrade in converters.