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Decisions, decisions... Monitors and amps

OK Boys and girls...

It's getting close to real decision time for new? monitors and amp(s)...

The control room is a non-environment 16x20x10h room.

Alesis M1Active Nearfields
University M6 12" Dual Concentric w/QSC RMX850 (my BGW 500D took a dive)

Here's the choices I'm looking at;
adding: NS10's w/Bryston 2B or Hafler DH-200

Soffit mount mains:
Tannoy 15" Gold's w/Bryston 3B or 4B
Dynaudio BM15's w/Bryston 3B, 4B or Hafler TransNova 7000
JBL 4411's w/Hafler Trans-nova 7000
Adam S3-A

Any taker's for opinions?