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Define 2-bus please?

Ok so I'm pretty new and please excuse the lame question here. When people refer to 2-bus, or 2 buss, or 2-buss etc. are they simply referring to the master stereo output of a mixer? Or is it a different bus before the main outs? I read this term everyday on recording forums, articles and texts and yet after countless hours of internet research I cannot find a clear definition of this term! Probably because it's so simple and accepted but a newbie like me sometimes needs things spelled out. Believe me I wouldn't post this question if I could find the answer anywhere. Thanks a bunch, love this site by the way, an absolute fountain of info.



natural Fri, 08/04/2006 - 20:29
Yeah, I don't know where this started, but you're right, it refers to the final stereo mix output.
Perhaps it started with the digital software, where you had to assign your mix outputs.
In older days, we refered to it as the '2-bus', later it became the 'mixbus'
So now it's the '2-bus'
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