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Demo Recording Set Up Help Required Please...

Hi there

I need to record a demo/show reel on a VERY limited budget.
I did have a live performance recorded but without going into details i do not have it any longer and now i need something to send to Agents. Having lived in Spain this was not necessary as i was given work through word of mouth and with the domino effect it worked very well, but returned to the UK for a bit now so need this done asap.

This is what i was thinking and would be grateful if someone could advise if a) it is doable/feasible and b) is there a better way of doing it.

Equipment i will have:

Tablet (backing tracks)
Mixer (to be hired)
Laptop (software installed)
Shure Beta 87a Microphone
Camera with video mode

So, here is what i was thinking:

Capture video image with camera on tripod...
connect headphones to tablet so i can hear backing tracks (use one can on and one can off)
connect microphone to mixer
connect mixer to laptop
record dry voice through mixer to laptop

Import video to Pinaccle studio and remove audio and save video file
Import audio (dry voice) to audition - add effects and then save.
Import vocal and backing track into acid - align and save
Import video into pinnacle and align voice/backing with video and save.

Job done :)

I am a vocalist for sure, but i pick things up very quickly and edited and created my own show intro using pinnacle by removing original music and aligning my own against edited clips from other sources... so once i'm told how to do something it usually sticks..

So on a budget, would that work? Is it achievable or is there a much easier way to do it (on a very restricted budget).

Many thanks in anticipation.



Boswell Thu, 02/07/2013 - 08:25

If you were like most other performers, you would record the sound under studio conditions and then mime to it while shooting the video. I assume you don't want to do it that way, for which, much kudos. However, it will mean the viewers see you wearing headphones and jabbing at a tablet.

Believe me, you do not need a mixer. What you will need is an audio interface that takes the microphone input, amplifies it and converts it to digital data before sending that off to the computer. Look through the hire catalogue to see if they have anything like a Presonus Audiobox 22VSL or other reasonable-quality USB interface.

The next problem is going to be synchronisation of the audio with the video. You will need to record a pilot audio track on the camera (what is a camera that does not have a video mode, by the way?), so that you have a chance of syncing it all up in post production.

Do you have any way of enlisting the help of someone who has done this type of recording before?

mykoolbuble Thu, 02/07/2013 - 08:32

Hey there

Thanks so much for replying so quickly... actually, i completely forgot the video and the headphones scenerio haha!! what an idiot.. that is out of the question then. No, i don't have anyone here as i've lived in Spain for so many years. Also, the studio is out due to finances... I think i might just have to concentrate on the audio and record some samples.... what do you think? If i upload them to Soundcloud then i can link to them on the website?

Boswell Thu, 02/07/2013 - 08:59

Once you have the audio recorded, edited, mixed and mastered, you can put it where you like and reference it from all over the web. However, there's a lot to do before you get to that stage...

Where did the backing tracks come from? Are they original or does the copyright belong to someone else?