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DI boxes and/or preamps, increase recording clarity?

im very much a rookie when it comes to home recording, but would the use of a preamp and/or DI box in between the instrument and device its being recorded directly into increase the overall results of the recording? or would it only make a real difference if it was recording via a mic then into the DI/preamp then recording gear?

thanks alot


hueseph Sun, 01/21/2007 - 10:39
A direct injection box is used when you plug your instrument directly into a line level interface. (Mic) preamps are used for well....mics. Yes a DI will improve the quality of the guitar signal going into a line level interface. It won't make it sound "good" necessarily but you will be able to get a stronger signal before it starts to clip.

Member Sun, 01/21/2007 - 11:31
Just to piggy-back on hueseph's information: you will get not only better levels, but increased clarity. The mismatch of impedance without a DI will result in high frequency loss and therefore a slightly "muffled" sound. The DI will solve this.

Cheap DI's... Behringer and Apex make a bunch. Just go to your local Guitar Center (or whatever you have handy) and have a peek.