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Difference between an Otari Mixing Console and an SSL system

Nvm. No one ever helps here.

Geez. you've only made five posts and two of them were to insult me and call me names.

Good work if you can get it.


anonymous Sat, 02/06/2010 - 21:55

Are you offended by my name for my company honoring my old doggie? Gee, thats too bad.

Yeah, I am editting your posts.

Lets review.

The question is "What's the difference between an Otari mixing console and an SSL System?"

Did I get that right this time?

All right. Since you claim no one will help you, then I'll give it a shot.

Uhhhh....Which Otari mixing console would you like to compare to which SSL? Gee, theres a few of each....One is not really like the other except that they both are used in the capture and reproduction of sound sources.....Both can be equipped with automation...The SSL automation is proprietary while the Otari's can be but is also occasionally equipped with aftermarket brands . SSL's have a really nice EQ and compressor built into each channel...The Otaris do a rule though they can be configured for such....

Are you learning anything yet Junior?

Have you ever seen either type of console? Do they have some of these at your college? Is this part of an assignment? It is certainly worded like one.

See, the wording doesnt sound like someone who's looking for advice in order to purchase one of these devices.....In fact, someone who would be interested in purchasing one of these devices, like myself or some other independant record producer, wouldnt ask this question at all.

It would be something already in the knowledge banks.

So, you post in MY forum with a really newbie question and like your other post, it reeks of STUDENT (like we never see that here!!) and then you get all hostile when you get called on it. You dont actually say why you asked the question, you just come up with some sort of lame threatening and unoriginal insults that are supposed to do what???

If I am , in fact, wrong about your motive for these oddly worded posts, then please explain yourself. I'll listen, but if you're only here to be insulting, then I'll ban your childish ass forever.

Its really your choice.

BTW FYI...the spelling of my business in my sig is a play on words. Just in case that escaped your obviously superior intellect.

anonymous Sun, 02/07/2010 - 11:09

To start things off, I felt like you were being an ass so I just responded by being an ass also. Simple as that. At this point I'd like to say lets call it even, and forget about one another, but if you are seriously that angered by me than ban me I suppose. As for my posts, yes I just started an Audio Recording class and after literally spending hours trying to do the work by myself, and getting nowhere, primarily because this is something very different than I have ever done before and when researching this subject it obviously can get very technical. I've put my time into it, believe me. However, I was hoping for a helping hand to go in conjuncture with my own work. After reading your comments that basically said screw off and do your own work, I responded back. Was it childish maybe. But I think you could have said nothing at all rather than making the comments you did. Anyway, once again if you decide to ban me than fine. But at this point I believe it can be argued that you too have stooped down to name calling and childish behavior, making us both equally wrong.

Davedog Sun, 02/07/2010 - 12:19

Lets be clear. I called you....uhhh"Junior" and "childish ass". And all of this was post your lashing out with your angry retort.

AND NO, as an administrator of this site I wont be forgetting you anytime soon. Responding to someone's simple observation that you are trying to get someone to do your homework for you (which you swore wasnt the case) indicates that you probably arent mature enough to accept the realities of this business. The fact that no one did anything to you and your lashing out in a personal and negative way says you also arent the kind of person we want around here.

Again, no one called you any names to begin with or did anything to you except point out the obvious which you have now admitted.

Grow up and quit acting like a baby.

If you want help, try not to reference your complete text to your lesson book (yeah, most of us here know these things). And then act out in embarrasment when someone points it out that you have to do the work yourself. All of the information you seek is on the net and NOT in a forum.

If editing your gross comments makes me childish then you have a lot to learn about being part of a community especially this one. I'm doing my job. What are you doing except trying to solicit answers to your work that YOU need to do in order to learn something.