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digi002 rack or audiofire 12?

Hello there,
I need some advice that worthed me to choose the right hardware for the best work and future investement too.but, i have limitation for the budget also.

My questions such as :

1. which is best between echo audiofire 12 and digi002 rack?
2. is any suggestion for best pre amp below $200?
3. also compressor where they support the AD/DA channel (where it'll make easier to take drum)?
4.and the mixer with bus ch or direct that support conv either.

Thanks Guys!


mwp Sun, 04/30/2006 - 16:06
I'm not familiar with the echo audiofirewire 12 but I recently purchased a
Digidesign 002r.

I've been happy with the results so far.
It comes with Pro tools sofware and can do up to 32 total tracks. 48 tracks if you buy the music production tool kit. You may need more than 4 preamps, but it comes with four preamps that are decent. I compared them to my ART dual mic preamp and they sounded better. One note, they are really hot and you probably will need an attenuator for recording a kick drum.
In the future I will upgrade to better preamps and converters, but you can make a quality recording with the 002r

The sampling rate goes to 24 bit 96khz.
You can record up to 18 iputs at once.
It has 8 analog ins..
An ADAt input that you can record an addtional 8 tracks at 48khz and two channels of SPDIF that will record at 96k.

Hope this helps,