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Digital Glitch Problem with Tascam FW1804 and Sonar 4

I have exhausted every trouble-shooting scenario I can think of to get rid of a digital ‘glitch’ coming through my Tascam FW1804, while using Sonar Producer 4, and am hoping someone can help. I will describe the problem and what I’ve done to trouble-shoot below. If you have suggestions please help, as I am hours away from a service center.

I am successfully recording 8 analog channels through the 1804 via FireWire to my PC. As soon as I try to record an additional two tracks through the SPDIF simultaneously or by themselves, I get a periodic ‘glitch’ that sounds digital, and records at high levels to the tracks using the SPDIF. It’s not constant, but rather intermittent, sometimes more than others, but will show up whether I’m recording or just sitting there.

Here is what I’ve done to trouble-shoot!
1. Have tried a different DAT Machine
2. Have tried a brand new $40 SPDIF Cable
3. Have tried Optical instead of Digital, and changed it over in the ASIO control panel
4. Have tried a different computer
5. Have tried a different hydro circuit
6. Have made sure that my sample rates match in the 1804, DAT machines and Software
7. Have tried different analog audio cables from my mixer to my DAT (doesn’t matter, as the glitch happens whether you have input cables plugged in or not.)
8. Have downloaded and installed new software/hardware updates for PC and 1804 (including the firmware update on the 1804)
9. Have re-installed software
10. Have turned off every other piece of gear in the studio except my mixer, DAT, 1804, and PC
11. Have tried different FireWire cable
12. Have run out of ideas

I think I have covered everything that I’ve tried, and as you can see I know what I’m doing when it comes to trouble-shooting, but we are still getting the glitch. Seem to be a little less using the optical vs. the SPDIF, but is still there and records to the track louder than a snare drum.

I sure hope I don’t have to bring the unit in for service, as I am hours away from a service depot. Another big concern I have is that I am looking at buying a Behringer ADA8000, 8 ch. Mic pre-amp with ADAT connectivity. I would like to hook it up via optical/ADAT to the 1804 to give me my 16 analog inputs. I am afraid to buy the ADA8000, and get it shipped all the way here, etc. to find out that the glitch is happening on the ADAT digital inputs as well. At first I thought it might be a problem with the SPDIF in the Tascam, but it is happening with the Optical as well, so again, concerned about buying a piece of gear to go with the 1804 if it might not work for me, and I might get glitches on all 8 of those ADAT inputs.

Please help me out, as I am beyond trouble-shooting