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Digital Mixer suggestions?

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First off, great site! I've learned so much from you guys just by reading posts. Ok, so I have a fairly decent, but low budget home studio consisting of an Alesis Studio 32 board, 2 Fostex D-90s, and a whole bunch of outboard gear. I've been toying with the idea of getting a digital mixer, specifically with flying faders for automated mixdowns and scene memory, but I wanted some opinions on some of the good ones out there. Are there any that have some similar "analog" features/connections to the Alesis (meaning several aux sends/returns for outboard gear, channel inserts, monitor mixes, etc.)? Also, I'm looking for something budget-friendly. Say, sell the Alesis and throw down a few hundred more. Alas, maybe I should just sell everything and go DAW. Any ideas? Thank's!