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Digital/SPDIF Input - recording problems...

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Hi, I'm a newbie to the forum! I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem I'm having -

I'm trying to record my guitar through a Boss GT-8 effects processor plugged into the back of my PC via the digital output on the Boss into the SPDIF input on the soundcard, using a 24k digital coaxial cable. My sound card is a Realtek High Definition. When plugged in, the Realtek HD Audio Manager software registers the input, it's locked at PCM 44.1 KHz, data protection is valaid etc. However, I'm not getting any sound coming through, either to record or through the speakers. I've selected it and everything.

Can anyone help???


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Kapt.Krunch Thu, 03/20/2008 - 08:04
Does the sampling rate and frequency match both devices? Is the Boss outputting 44.1/16 bit, or something else? Can it be adjusted? Can the soundcard be adjusted to match whatever the Boss S/PDIF is? Possible that it is set at 48kHz...or 24-bit...on one or the other, and the other isn't?

Is the volume to the S/PDIF in the Boss turned up?

The manual is of little help, but look at page 75, I think.

Good luck,


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Member Tue, 11/03/2009 - 03:27
You might need to upgrade to a pro sound card. If you want to capture your audio at 24 bit, Realtek devices are not capable of that. If you upgrade to a Presonus, or comparable usb soundcard capable of recording at 24bit / 96Khz, then your problems should disappear. Just make sure you configure the card in the ASIO panel for 24 bit depth.



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TheJackAttack Tue, 11/03/2009 - 10:08
You have what is known as a clock issue. Your onboard sound probably doesn't have the ability to change whether it is in "Master" clock mode or "Slave" clock mode. If you're still in the mood to fool with it, you'll need to figure out what bit rate and frequency your Boss pedal is sending the sound data and create your Audition session at that same rate which I believe is 24 bit 44.1k sampling.