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Direct Input Guitar - iMac - suggestions?

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hello, I have written music for awhile in the pop/rock format and would like to finally record them all and be done with them so to speak. I was hoping there was some way to record all the guitar and bass tracks to all the songs ( around 100 songs ) through direct input and then allow my voice to get stronger over the next year or so before doing the vocals. None of this is for a record deal, or to be considered a demo, this is to put an end to one stage of my musical life. Anyway, I figure if I do it all to click track then I can be patient about finding a good drummer to record all the drum tracks.
I was thinking about getting the MOTU 828 which comes with Audiodesk ( which seems more than adequate for my needs ).
So, if someone out there thinks they have a much better idea, please fill me in ( ie, yo steve buy x preamp it's much better than the MOTU 828 or direct input for guitar sucks etc.)- I just figure that I could export all the guitar tracks later on into amps and mic them for different sounds or use digital effects. either way, apart from the drums, and with patience on the vocals, I could really record all of these songs I've been writing year after year and be happy with the end result.
Someone fill me in if the logic fails somewhere along the way - thanks in advance to all whom respond


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henryrobinett Thu, 01/31/2002 - 16:48
Well I've just put a little home rig together with my iMacDV that I'm pretty excited about. Are you talking about a NEW iMac or the older, up to now more common variety? You said nothing about price but I would assume that's improtant to you. My rig may not suit you, though it's modest it's quite powerful, for an iMac home studio.

I have one of those brand new Metric Halo 2882+DSP 96k, firewire audio interfaces. The converters in it are much better than the 828, although it DOES cost roughly twice as much. 8 very good mic pres; 4 XLR and 4 TRS. It sounds really sweet. AES/EBU and SPDIF as well as Adat I/O. It's FW bus powerable so you can take it with you in the field. I can't tell you enough how pleased I am with this box!

I have one of those cheap, good quality RNC compressors. I also have a Millennia Quad mic pre for this, althouh the pres in the MIO are great.

Unlike the 828 and Audio Desk, with the MIO you'll need a host audio sequencer. My sequencer is DP.

In addition I have some NHT Pro Powered monitors with subwoofer, a rack Sansamp for late night sessions, Battery and a bunch of software plugs -Waves,Realverb, Spectrafoo/hardware synths and a ton of guitars. Not a lot of great mics here. They're all at the studio. A Royer 121, 57 and AT3035 have to do. For now at least, that's all I need.

The MIO's coming out with onboard DSP so improved plugs like Channel Strip, Spectrafoo a reverb and some others will be powered for recording and play back, as I understand it.

I have a much larger set up in a commercial facility, but this is for writing music at home, pre production, even basic mastering. I don't feel like I'm suffering too much as far as tracking my guitars, programming, even vocals. I'm limited in terms of mixing. The iMac is just not powerful enough. HTH.

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Guest Fri, 02/01/2002 - 01:50



"What about Macintosh?
Actually, we're big Mac fans at Line 6, but unfortunately embedded web browser application development in OS X is not currently viable. We hope to work with Apple to find solutions so that we could possibly support the Mac platform in the future."

This looks v cool...

Out in Summer I belive..