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basically, i have Shure ksm27/Avalon 737sp/motu828mk2/art X4 headphone amp.Specs lp8/ppc g5 quad.osx10.4.11 buffer @ 128
yesterday i was recording and i wanted to add a effect like reverb etc but i dont want to effect the latency.
then i started researching and notice ive been recording whilst software monitoring was on and ive had a little latency but never noticed till my friend commented (complained) on it.
So now i know (after about 1hr.of researching) to record direct and bypass logic but, how will i put say a reverb so i can monitor it in the vocal booth it but not record it?
say i have all instruments going out 3-4 and vocals out phones 1-2 (2 HPhone amp)do i stick a effects procesor right b4 the headphone amp to feed the booth or will the effect,effect both instruments and vocals?
seems like there should be a way to accomplish what I'm tring to do with what i already have.
Since i'm just starting to record vocals now looks like ill have a happy place to visit every hour or so!
Thanks for any help i really want to figure this out with the least amount of latency.


jammster Tue, 11/10/2009 - 15:24

pest1320 wrote: i wanted to add a effect like reverb etc but i dont want to effect the latency.

The new version of Logic Pro uses compensation settings for the I/O plug so that you can indeed get rid of any latency.

I see your using an older power mac G5, I thought I read that the newer updates of LP9 will not run well on the G5, although Lp9 will run.

I suppose you are aware that Apple is not supporting any running a ppc.

In addition to that you must update your OSX to Ver 10.5.8

I would suggest you record the effect into Logic, then work with the delay offset on the channel strip to get rid of any latency.

There is no other solution that I can think of other than updating to LP9 :!: :|

pest1320 Thu, 11/12/2009 - 02:36

Today i just ran the headphones out from the motu into the mpc added reverb,outted from the mpc hphones into the headphone amp with the beat from logic outted 3-4 from motu into the hphone amp(to the vocalist) via trs 2-1 connector.that way vocalist can monitor reverb and not record it in logic and not have to worry about any latency for problems,worked just fine.seems like i should get a little effect box for the vocalist to monitor with on insert into the chain so i don't have to do the whole mpc riggin.
i guess this is the only thing i can do in the meantime just sucks runnin the cables around the desk. but whatever works right?
thanks for the replies.-j.Dolce