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How far should my mic be away from my amp when recording guitar?


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RemyRAD Tue, 04/08/2008 - 19:04
I think you should take a 57 and smash it up to the grill cloth. Then take your favorite condenser microphone and stick it in the middle of the room. Record each one on separate tracks. Then you have a choice. To ramp up that choice, utilize an active Direct Injection box. Print the raw direct guitar sound to a individual track. The loop through from the DI box will be plugged into the amplifier which will have a microphone. That goes on another track. You then have the ability to play back that raw guitar track and backfeed it to a different amplifier directly. Put a microphone on that amplifier and print that to a different track. Now you have the same guitar 2 different ways through two different amplifiers, blah blah, etc., blah.

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hxckid88 Tue, 04/08/2008 - 19:14
^ Why bother adding my two cents, thats good advice!

But no really, what I simply do is stick an SM57 straight up to the grill, a second one at a 45 degree angle (as close as you can do the first mic), and then I will run the guitar DI (which I may or may not use but depending on what you are trying to accomplish). A room mic a couple feet away may sound nice also depending on the room.

For simplicity, (and reiteration x3) an SM57 as close as you can to the speaker!