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Does this sound like a good pa system?

Crown XLS 602 PowerAmp = $350
JBL JRX115 Speakers = $309 (x2)
Shure SM58 = $100
10PC 20' Mic Cabes = $50
LiveWire Speaker Cables(banana-speakon) = $30 (x2)
Yamaha MG16/4
Total System Price = $1420


sheet Fri, 08/18/2006 - 08:47
I know that this may seem silly in this day and age, but go around to the clubs that you will hope to play, and look at what others are bringing in. Ask them what they have, why they bought it, if they actually like it, and what they would do differently. Also, find a local dealer that has someone that has a brain, is out gigging, that can demo a system for you. Use YOUR ears.

If you are playing small venues, and you are going to rely on the PA for vocals only, you don't want a 15" IMO. You are going to high-pass the vocals anyway, so why buy a bigger cab to play down to 100Hz? It's silly. Besides, a strong 12" like in the JBL SRX line is much punchier and articulate doing just that.

JRX JBLs are crap. They are not intended for heavy use as a PA. They are intended to be disposable low-end background systems, small DJ systems, etc. That is what they are voiced for. Hiss and Boom. and they are bad at that.

moonbaby Tue, 08/22/2006 - 06:19
You should also check your local classified listings in the entertainment tabloids and newspapers in your area. I have run across bands splitting up that are desperate to dump their PA at ridiculously low prices. Last summer, I picked up an entire E-V Eliminator system-2 top boxes, 2 subs, poles, cables and a rack with a Rane crossover and EQ and a pair of QSC power amps- all for $1K !!! Makes a great rental system when my blues band doesn't need it.

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 08/11/2006 - 11:32
I don't really know what to call our music, its kinda like rock, very little screaming. The pa is going to be used primarily for vocals. I might mic the bass drum very lightly because my bass drum isn't very loud at times. The mixer is a yamaha MG16/4. As far as expanding, the most we might do at first is add mabey one floor monitor, and in-ear monitor system. Thanks for the heads up on the JBLs, I'll look into those yamahas. 1 guitarists has a marshall vavlestate100 halfstack, the other has a fender combo amp (princeton i believe), bass player has a peavy tnt115. All of them pretty much meet our current volume requirements for now.

Thanks for all the help so far.

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 08/08/2006 - 18:58
I already have the mixer, i've been using it to do some recording. but before today i had a list of cheap stuff together, but then my guitarist made it really clear that he wanted those jbls, so i just went and put together the list i posted. i'm also planning on eventually adding a nady e03 in-ear monitor system to it. mainly for myself, as i'm the drummer and i usually can't hear the rest of the band as i would like to. until then though i've got a 25' headphone extension cable that i'm gonna plug the ear buds from my ipod into.

i do know some of the flaws about the e03s the pink noise and low volumes, i also know about the mod the fixes them. and i really won't need anything better than that for a while. i'll probably upgrade the earbuds to it thuogh.

anyone else have any input on the list i posted above?

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 08/09/2006 - 00:41
anyone else have any input on the list i posted above?

I would love to help ya but, there are a lot of things to consider.

What type of music?
Usuall Audience/Gig size?
How many members?
What kind of mixer?
Do you plan on adding on?
Are you going to mic the drum?
What amps and speakers is the band using and is that the main source of the music to the audience (meaning: are you using the PA primarily for singing or the whole band)?

I would have to agree with audiokid and Kev for small wedding type setups but even then - what kind of music and who/what is the PA system for?

moonbaby Wed, 08/09/2006 - 15:05
Be careful of that particular line of JBL. They are made of stamped-frame woofers and the horn drivers don't have replaceable diaphragms (you blow it, you replace the entire driver). Very cheesey. Check out Yamaha's Club Series. They offer castframe woofers, and field-replaceable diaphragms. Much better quality and reliability. Very good sound. Very competitive pricing.