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Does this sound need to be edited?

hi all :)

I created a song and shared it with lot of people: the feedback is helping me very much, but I am unable to distinguish between some good advice and some not good about the "sound": some tell me that the percussions sound is very good, some that is not so much good.

I would ask for a specific "listening session" dedicated not to the work in all parts, but just about the percussions: are they good or not? if they aren't, how can I improve their sound?

click here to listen

thanks for any help :)


pr0gr4m Thu, 11/02/2006 - 13:22
I know you want an answer to that, but any answer given would be subjective. Everyone has different tastes. This is why some people tell you they like it while other say they don't.

My opinion. The percussion does not sound real. It doesn't sound bad, just not real. I'm talking about the individual sounds. They sound like the percussion off my my K4 synth (which I love). Also the rhythm is a bit mechanical.

Cresta Thu, 11/02/2006 - 13:46
I can assure I am not a machine :D
they sound as synth percussions? uh...they should be "sampled", but may be a more professional tone generator would have a better sound :oops:
In the end, you are right, it is subjective.

so, I will change the question: what about the mixing/equalization? what should I do to improve the general quality? (if possible uh :lol:)

thanks very much :)