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Downloadable tracks??

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21 years
I'm rather new to the recording world and I am curious if there is any where that I can download recorded tracks for songs to practice mixing on....

I'm a singer not a player and our band is not together right now, and I'd love to spend some time mixing some stuff before we record anything in the future. Thanks for any help!


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21 years

Member Sun, 06/01/2008 - 13:53
[=""]Reaper[/]="…"]Reaper[/]'s download packet comes with an optional project file.

As well, under the "REAPER Mix Project" heading on this page you can find a sample project that Reaper users have submitted.

It's been years since I've gotten them, but it looks like the Acid 8Packs are still available for weekly download. The project files require you use a version of Acid (a freeware version of which is available [[url=http://="http://www.sonycreativeso…"]here[/]="http://www.sonycreativeso…"]here[/]), but you can extract the raw media files and import them into another mix application just as easily.

As is the case with many free mix-type projects, the above are not great quality in terms of signal chain and recording technique.