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DPA Acoustic Pressure Equalizers and Grids

I just bought a matched pair of DPA 4006-TLs with the acoustic pressure equalizers and grids (thanks to Mike at Vintage King Audio). My initial intention is to record a hand-made German 7'2" grand piano in a small live room. I just received the set and havn't started experimenting (will start this weekend). Does anyone have any experience with these interesting little accessories and perhaps some suggestions/advice? P.S., the 15x20x8 room has no acoustical treatment; however, I plan on assembling and installing some OC rigid fiberglass panels.


Pro Audio Guest Tue, 08/01/2006 - 16:28
Congratulations on your purchase! I have a pair of 4006's and you will NOT dissapointed. The acoustic pressure balls really just adjust the frequency response and to some degree the polar pattern. A good starting place would be with the lid 3/4 up and 4006's about 6" apart and 2-3 feet above the strings. I would start asap on that treatment although I would strongly suggest not use fiberglass panels for mic'ing piano. I would be some bass traps for the corners and diffusors for the ceiling first... then some 2" squares for the walls.