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The Dreaded Downtime...

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Well I'm really struggling during these dreaded months of December through Frebruary.

This my first year at a professional level so this hit me harder than i thought.

What do you most of you do during the major downtime times of these months? Everything was going fine and then it just...stopped :D . Do you basically just have to save up money and prepare for it or do you have tips and techniques to pulling in business? Or do you set up other ways to make money?

Im sure you understand where I'm getting at here.



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Thomas W. Bethel Sun, 01/18/2004 - 14:31
This is a great time to find new clients, it is also a good time to cleanup your equipment and computers and get ready for the onslaught that will eventually take place. You can upgrade software, upgrade firmware and if you have been keeping a maintenance log (always a good idea) you can perform all the maintenance you do not have time to do at other times. I look at it as a time to prepare instead of down time.

Our slowest time has always been from the 15th of July to the 15th of August so now that I know I am going to be slow I plan for it and make plans to do any painting of the studio or touch ups, back up the hard drives, check for equipment problems and generally get ready for what follows.

We traditionally have a 10% off services sale for the summer since that is normally a slow time for us. We also take time during this down time to find new work and if possible take a short vacation.

Hope this helps. Hang in there.