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Hi all.
I want to present your one of the latest of our drum sample packs that features 32 premium drum kits recorded from some of the best drum machines ever: Roland 606, Roland 707, Roland 808, Roland 909, Kawai R50, Yamaha DD10 and Korg ER1. With a total of 290 one shots sample sounds this pack will fit perfect in any electro dance music production and not only. You can use this great sounds in any genre you want, even hip hop, trap, dubstep, pop, house, trance and many more. This drum kit is available for $20.50… -kawai-drum-kits"]Drum Hits - 32 Kits[/]="… -kawai-drum-kits"]Drum Hits - 32 Kits[/]


kmetal Wed, 02/05/2014 - 13:14

How about paying for advertising and not wasting people's time? And beside that the diligence required for sample recording well, makes it nearly impossible to be profitable to sell for 20 bucks, which doesn't even feed a family at a fast food chain. Your add approach and the end cost of your product make me skeptical, surely anyone w enough sense to make a usable sample collection would have also factored in add costs, and distribution.

i find your post insulting to professionals, and a waste to anyone here looking for comments to enhance their art of recording. Good day sir.