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Drum mic mounts

I'm curious as to what people use for drum mic mounts. I am micing kits with three e604's on the toms and a 57 on the snare, d112, overheads etc, but the mzh 504 mounts that came with the e604's stick the mic almost into the middle of the drum.

I'm considering two options right now, the mzh 604, and the shure a56d mounts.

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Has anyone used the a56d? I am worried that I will have the same problem that I've had with other drum mic mounts, where you screw the mic clip on, but when its tight its pointing in a bad direction, and the only option is to have the clip rather loose on the mount.

Thanks in advance.


Member Tue, 08/29/2006 - 07:16
If you're planning on using these for recording I suggest you look into getting regular stands for that.
You'll have a lot less problems with rattle and sound transmitting through the mic mount.
Yes, stands are less convenient, but are the best way for recording.
The only case I'd ever use a clip is I absolutely could not find a way to get a regular boom stand on a drum and the drummer cannot re-arrange his setup.