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Drum Mic Questions (Shure DMK57-52)

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This summer I plan to buy some gear to get a small studio started. Nothing crazy, just a firepod, mixer and some mics (to start).

I've been eye-ing these mics to be the first microphone purchase for my mini-studio. It makes sense to have microphones that are versatile enough to record multiple instruments which is what draws me to this particular set of mics. Anyone who has ever played on stage has undoubtedly been mic'd with SM57's before so I know they're a good overall instrumental microphone.

My question is does anyone have any experience in using this set of microphones in a studio setting? If so, how did they perform?

For those of you not familiar, The set comes with 3 SM57's and 1 BETA52 Bass Drum Microphone.


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rockstardave Sat, 03/01/2008 - 09:07
nah, get the shure kit. the beta52a is way more versatile in the studio than the d6.

the beta52a works well on bass cabs and floor toms, but the d6 wont work nearly as well because of it's super-scooped response.

57s can go anywhere, so those are great to have.

get a set of OH ... like the rode nt5 or oktava mk012 or at 4040