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Drum samples for hard rock

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This summer I will be producing a demo for a friend of mine.
Well I need a few different hard rock kits. every thing from a metal kit to a fat 70's rock kit.
I am using logic to do the production. So I am looking to buy either a program with samples or just a sample library that I can map to the esx24.

Any one know of some good sample packs?
I am not looking to spend to much money. preferably lower then $200.


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Member Thu, 03/27/2008 - 12:08
For a few more bucks you should check out BFD.
There are many "packs" available for BFD, but the ones that are gonna hit your mark are EVIL DRUMS and a pack that Steve Albini's Studio created...I think it's called "Specialty" or something un-interesting like that.
This is harder sounding stuff.
Beyond these I think almost all the drum libraries out there are really generic and uninspiring.

TIP: With whatever software/DAW you are using, overdrive the drums with some tube-emulation distortion plug-in. There are many out there. Just use a little bit and I really think you'll like the sound you get - push it more if it feels right.
I almost always overdrive rock drums. Gives 'em that Bonham sound.