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DualbootPC: standard surf&email pc+ DAW

Can I get suggestions what dead weight/s are prime for removal from audio PC(still accesses web)...I'd planned to not, but registering software online is so handy, I am at a stop on that issue, maybe a switch of sorts...or I may use windows's "profiles" within the DAW to toggle or something. I have removed "messenger", "outlook" is more stubborn, if any ideas are available on this.
thank you


MisterBlue Fri, 11/21/2003 - 17:47
The cleanest solution is to use two different hard disks that are in removable HD-Trays. Keeps stuff entirely separated. These trays are $30-$50 and work real well.

Win XP registration should not be a problem since you are using it on the same PC and you can't use them at the same time.

Once installed just configure them for their specific purpose.