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DYnaudio BM5A

These come highly recommended from everything I see so I gave them a good listen while shopping. I have to admit, they seemed kind of wooly/overly full in the lows/low mids to me. It seemed that it covered up the higher frequencies a bit. Am I just used to monitors that are a long way from flat or is this really the case? I tend to mix 2-4k a little too forward as is. A monitor that hides that area a bit is the last thing I need.

Other alternatives at this point include the JBL 4326 w/ RMC witch I kind of like the idea of even though my room has been treated and the Yamaha HS80M. If it matters the current monitors are Alesis M1 Actives. 1k for the pair is about the budget


mallardduckman Mon, 08/13/2007 - 01:24
Totally agree, I've had the BM5A for a couple of years. When I'm done mixing on them the upper mids are very harsh on other speakers. I've gotten around it by A/Bing them with cheaper monitors that push out the upper mids too much. When it sounds good on both I'm usually happy. The key is to know about it, I still believe for the price they are very accurate and detailed, even on the low frequencies without a sub.


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