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Dynaudio BM5A MKII or Yamaha HS80M?

Ok, so I am in a little quandry. My M-Audio EX66's have blown another tweeter. never again will I replace or buy those again! Temporarily I am using my "little" M-Audio Studiophile monitors to get by until I can get something decent. I have about $1200.00 to for the upgrade. I have seen some great reviews/comparisons on this forum and think I have it narrowed down between the Dynaudio BM5A MKII or Yamaha HS80M? I designed and built my room from John Sayers site, I have adequate bass trapping/slot resonators and clouds and speaker soffits designed for the EX66's. I know I am going to have to modify the soffits so that isn't an issue. I am looking for some monitors that don't have a history of breaking down, accurate and won't wear out my ears. So, who likes the Dynaudio BM5A MKII's or the Yamaha HS80M's?


soapfloats Sat, 10/01/2011 - 22:50
The Dynaudio line gets a good amount of love here...

I bought the BM5As several months ago, as a replacement for switching between a pair of Alesis Monitor One (MkII) and M-Audio BM5a.
Both had major "holes" in their sound, in my room.

Happy I made the move - the Dynaudios are definitely more neutral (non-flattering AND non-detracting), and translate a lot better.

I had learned the other two pairs awfully well, so I'm still adjusting the the Dynaudios a bit... low-mid always seems to be a problem for me.

Anyways, really liking the Dynaudios so far, can't comment on the Yamaha model.

soapfloats Fri, 04/11/2014 - 11:47
One of the monitors has an issue with either the tweeter or, something else.
After a period of 0-15 minutes, the tweeter just stops working.
I had my studio partner (also a trustworthy local repair tech) take a look at it, as well as a local shop. Everything tested "OK" - I'm guessing they didn't run it long enough to detect the failure.
Since it was out of warranty, I reluctantly set the Dyn's aside and went back to the M-Audio BX5a - I had to have something that actually worked.
More recently, I had another friend/techie test the misbehaving monitor, and he finally noticed the issue, and suggested it might be the PCB.
However, Dynaudio refused to provide schematics, and sending it to the only stateside authorized repair shop would have cost almost as much as the monitor itself.
I've done some searching, and this seems to not be an isolated issue. Some mentioned "bad transformers", others the PCB. Anyone know anything about this?
I'd like to get it fixed locally if possible (I trust my people, if they can get the parts).

Thanks in advance!


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