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e-mu 1820m unusual microphone question

Hey, i don't know if this is the best forum to ask this in, but it's the weekend and i can't call emu tech support.

I have a headset with a mic that i use when playing games online to talk to people. The headset has a stereo (two red rings) 1/8 jack for the microphone. The problem is that the emu cards and the audiodock don't have any 1/8 inputs. It has 6 1/4 inputs though.

So i went to radio shack and got a 1/8 stereo to 1/4 mono adaptor. A signal shows up but it's incredibly low. The only time it pics up sound is if i blow directly into the headset mic.

Can anyone help or know a place to go to fix this stupid problem?

I appologize if this thread is totally out of place.


AudioGaff Sat, 03/04/2006 - 13:07
Ya, all computer related stuff belongs in the digital recording or DAW forums.

Are you using the front inputs or the rear inputs? If using the front, you should be able to get gain from the mic pre input knob.

What are the levels settings in patchmix? (Session Settings silver oval button top right side of patchmix,on the I/O tab.)

While not always the correct or best way to make up for gain, in a pinch you can often just add a Trim Pot to an insert box of the patchmix strip you are using. Left click on an empty insert box on that patchmix strip, right click and select Trim Pot, then in the TV screen above the peak meters, add or reduce gain as desired. Make sure to drag the Trim Pot so that it is first in the list or just after the peak meter and above the SEND insert box.