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I made a recording with a couple of Earthworks QTC50 going to Audient preamp ASP800.
Just fell in love with this combination.
Still there is more to search on, did use the clean path of the Audient, will try to test the saturation possibilities next time to see if I can make the sound even more full and rich.
All went through ADAT to RME Digiface and laptop with the Audient as master.

First movement of the Winter of the Four Seasons of maestro Vivaldi.

I like close sound, so reverb added a bit.

Greetings, M


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Zima 1.mp3 (4.8 MB) 


Boswell Mon, 12/11/2017 - 11:13

Very nice sounding. Did you use the QTC50s as a coincident crossed pair? Where were they placed (height and distance) in relation to the soloist and orchestra? What sampling rate did you use?

You added a little too much reverb for my liking, but that's just a matter of opinion.

I won't comment on the performance.

Polifonik Mon, 12/11/2017 - 11:30

Thank you for your opinion Boswell!

QTC50 are omnidirectional, so I set them in the AB setup. Around 40cm apart, looking more less towards the edges of the ensemble (could be around 100 degrees I guess).
I think they were around 2,5m high and 2m from the violinist and a meter further away from the rest of the group.
It was recorded at 44,1kHz and 24bits.

I'm very much into the period instruments music, since I'm a baroque violinist myself, so probably reverb is just the representation of the acousics I'd like to play in:)

Greetings, M


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