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editing tricks

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despite the title of the forum, i have heard precious little of editing know-how.

i've had to learn it all myself, and have gotten very good [i think].


my tip is not about tecnique but is part of my motto for life:

"just because you can dosen't mean you should..."



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archived member Wed, 01/30/2002 - 07:56

"just because you can dosen't mean you should..."

That's a great motto for sure and I'll throw it at the next home-recordist I have in the studio that is going to tell me that he works with Cubase at home and it has this and that feature and why I don't just do it that way instead of letting hime play the part over and over again...



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Mike Simmons Wed, 01/30/2002 - 08:38
Keep sharp blades at hand, de-mag 'em just in case... block too, don't go too heavy with the grease pencil and blow on the blue tape to warm it up and get the glue tacky!

Now I remember why I love digital editing! Not having a pile of quarter inch at my feet all day is the biggest trick of all.