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electronic drums as midi in reason

hi guys

I ve got a problem, we connected our electronic Yamaha drums to a reason, but the hi-hat is running late so the sound is f**king bad. we thought its becouse our reason software we use in pc not in macintosh, what d' you mean, the mac will cancel our problem?


pr0gr4m Tue, 07/25/2006 - 08:15
No. If only the hi-hat is the problem, a different computer most likely will not make a difference.

What sort of MIDI interface are you using? Is the problem with just the Hi-Hat? Since it's MIDI, you can use a different trigger source for the hi-hat and then map it to the hi-hat within reason.

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 07/25/2006 - 08:58
yes, the problem is mostly with the hi-hat.. when I use it open and push the pedal, the sound´s just cuted, not easely closed, but when I dont use the drums like midi, the problem disapear.

we use

yamaha dx-press II - electronic drums
Yamaha UX16 MIDI/USB Converter Midi Interface
and plug it into - M-Audio Firewire Solo

and what d´you mean different trigger source - different midi cable?? or a different pad or pedal for the hi-hat?? cheeers man