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Emu 1616m or MBox 2 ?

Hi All

Need help on selecting one of these. Would appreciate reviews from any one who has or currently using any one of them.



Pro Audio Guest Tue, 08/15/2006 - 15:53
If you want to use Pro Tools you buy the M-Box. Otherwise ther's so much choice at that price range. Focusrite Saffire for instance.
The Emu will only work with a laptop as it has the pcmcia card. (not compatible with the new intel Mac's though - they have a diffrerent slot.)
M-Box will work with any computer as it is usb. However as it is usb1.1 it wont go above 48k sample rate.
If you want Pro Tools you have little choice but that or the M-audio stuff that seems to have a less professional standing. Unless you more than double the budget.
The software bundle with the M-Box is also really good. The Emu on the other hand has hardware effects on it. Haven't heard them so can't comment on them.
Personally I would forget the Emu. And ask the question... pro tools or not... if not then Saffire has 4in and 10 out etc.. hard tp beat...

AudioGaff Tue, 08/15/2006 - 16:12
E-MU will soon release a PCI card for use with the 1616/1616M MicroDock for desktop computers. If you have to have Protools, then the Mbox is one way to get into that.

I own the E-MU 1616M and find it to be a great product and a really great value. I got it just as a songwritting tool and portable recording rig, but it has performed so well, that I now often incorporate it into my studio setup. The converters are way, way better than your going to get in most any other audio interface including any version of the Mbox or 002 and it is much more flexible in signal routing than anything else I know of. Not a perfect product (nothing is) but near impossible to beat for your money.