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Entry level mic pre, Mackie VLZ Pro or PreSonus?

I have a friend who has an analog 4 track and he is looking to get some pre's that operate phantom power and are a little better.

He's only recording one track at a time...

How do the PreSonus $99-130 jobbers fare compared to a Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro? Anybody been able to hear both of these. I don't know the name of the PreSonus but am pretty sure it's not the whatevers and more like the Blue Tube.

What would you recommend to him?

Thanks for your help!


sdevino Mon, 09/08/2003 - 17:16
Every Mic Pre has its pro s and cons. Your friends style and recording goals will have a great impact on which sounds better.

I have some very high end mic pres that sound amazing for some singer/instruments and sound really weak with others. Aggressive, loud singers will really breakup a cheap (or even some expensive) tube mic pre.

Your friend really needs to get a demo. Go to a pro audio store not the super giant guitar hero store. A real pro audio store will allow a loaner or at least a well setup in store demo with solid advice.

Good luck and trust your ears more than anyting else. The specs do not tell you enough to know how it will sound.