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Equipment closet temperature.

My equipment closet is running anywhere between 80-85F . There is an HD3 rig with expansion chasis, sync I/O, 192 I/O, 4 fire wire drives, a Mojo, G5, DA88, DS-M7.1, and a vhs deck. Is this an acceptable temp range, or am I cooking my equipment? There is an air conditioning vent in there( the whole unit is in there) but not a seperate thermostat for it. If I keep the studio thermostat at 74F it keeps the closet at around 80-85F.

Sweating it out,


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 04/07/2006 - 10:42
I would try to keep that closet between 68 and 70. As you are already noticing your gear is putting out a ton of heat. A lower ambient temperature will aid the heat transfer between your gear and the room. This should keep all of your gear cooler and hopefully keep it from frying. When I was working in LA I worked at a place with two SSL’s. If you leaned over one of them for too long your face would turn red and you would start dripping with sweat. (The small faders are a heat vent.) If we let the room temperature get to high IC chips would start going and before we knew it the board would no longer have any compressors. We kept that room about 70 and found that all of the gear was very happy. (The difference of only a couple of degrees can be the difference between IC chips that work and IC chips that are fried.)

Zach Winterfeld
Mercenary Audio