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Event 20/20's - ftftftftftftftftftft

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Just to preface this post, I'm not extremely knowledgable in loudspeaker/monitor design, so I'm kinda taking a stab at some terminology here.

Last night I was running some test tones through my 20/20's. Nothing scientific, really, just running tones with the downloadable Minirator Ethan referenced on another thread. Anyway, down low, around 40-50hz, I could hear one of my monitors pumping air under the cosmetic ring on top of the driver. ftftftftftftftftftftftftftf. "That's not right," I said to myself. So tonight I pulled the ring off (mounted with 4 screws, and holding the driver in place underneath). I was a little surprised to find that the mounting ring on the driver itself has 8 screw holes. Underneath the bottom screw hole (this hole is unused, "bottom" if monitor is upright) is a U shaped cutout in the wood, meaning this is essentially a little 1/8" diameter port underneath the cosmetic ring. What the f*#? So when these monitors start pushing low end material, they're pissing air out from under the ring, and it's audible as all get out. SO, I removed both drivers and rotated them about 75-80 degrees, which places solid area of the mounting ring on top of the cutout, and screwed 'em back in, although this meant putting new screw holes in the wood. This comes pretty close to eliminating the problem, but not entirely.

I just want to make sure that this is a healthy pseudo-solution to what I perceive to be a pretty obvious design flaw. I'm not taking away from their performance in another area in doing this, correct? Anyone else ever encountered anything like this?