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Event ALP5 vs TR5 vs TR6

Please share your honest opinion on the Event ALP5, TR5 & TR6. I'm thinking of purchasing the ALP5 and your honest feedback is much appreciated.


drumist69 Sat, 04/22/2006 - 19:47
I haven't used the ALP5 or TR6, but I use TR5's, and I love them. They are good in a variety of rooms, provided you apply a bit of EQ to match them to the room. Lately I've been using them in a VERY small room, and they sound awesome straight up with no EQ....In other words, if its a tiny room, go with the TR5's, any bigger, the TR6 or TR8 accordingly....I have no knowledge of the ALP5, but I assume the "5" in the name implies a 5 inch woofer (same as the TR5). In other words, should be suited to a very small room. Grain of salt! ANDY