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external conversion

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Ok, I've been trying to do some research on external a/d d/a converters (i.e. lucid 9624). Could someone please explain to me the use of an external converter other than simply "it takes the conversion out of the computer which is a noisy environment". At the time I'm only recording vocals. Is there a need? I understand a good a/d will convert the signal cleaner than a cheap-o, but what about a d/a what purpose does this serve or could serve while tracking and post production?


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Kurt Foster Thu, 01/08/2004 - 09:55
The main reason for using external converters is external converters can be quieter because they are outside of the computer and away from magnetic fields generated in there. Another reason is more channels of I/O. You can only pack so many electronics and connectors . Last is convenience. Cable runs can be shorter from patch bays or other gear to and from converters placed in the same rack.

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AudioGaff Fri, 01/09/2004 - 00:44
There is always a need for using good converters be it for voice or anything else. The digital to analog conversion is just as important in reproducing the accuracy and details of what you recorded using your analog to digital conversion. External converters are almost always going to do a better job because they are a product focused one thing, where other units that have converters (like effects) do more of a basic conversion job so that their expertise in digital audio processing can be done then converted back to analog for analog interfacing. Those products that have only A2D in them like mic pre's or comps are there more as an added feature or to make a more complete product or for those who don't have converters or those that have older lower quality converters.