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External Transport Controller? (PLAY, PAUSE, REC, FW, BW)

Hey guys,
I am quite new to the site and I have researched but had no luck.
I found this photo on Google with a few keywords and this is pretty close to what I would like.
Does anybody know what these are called and who else makes them?
Thank you


RemyRAD Thu, 02/23/2012 - 00:34
You don't need one of those if you simply get yourself a digital console. That's already built into most digital consoles that Pre-Sonus already makes. Personally, for some of my video editing and audio work, I use a Shuttle-Pro. It has some programmable pushbuttons and a jog & shuttle control. No level control or volume faders and it's around $100 US. It's designed to be used with a myriad of different audio and video software's. So what do you want this for precisely?

1-2-3 and fade
Mx. Remy Ann David

dvdhawk Thu, 02/23/2012 - 08:50
I have a PreSonus StudioLive 24. The PreSonus digital consoles do not have transport controls, as they are not meant to operate as a DAW control surface. It works beautifully as a console and as an interface for 24 ins and outs via Firewire, but it doesn't have flying faders (actually data encoders) or any other control functions. I wish they worked that way, but they don't.

PreSonus has developed the VSL software to allow you to control the mixer via a laptop, an iPad, or an iPhone - which is useful to many I suppose. It seems to me there are only a few hurdles keeping the SL24 from being a DAW control surface. I wish they'd get crackin' on that, instead of more wireless devices. (My old Yamaha 01v had flying faders, it can't be THAT expensive.)

Also to the original poster: the term you should be Googling is "DAW control surface"

thatjeffguy Thu, 02/23/2012 - 09:46
Also worth checking out is the (now discontinued) Frontier Tranzport. It's wireless, has numerous functions. I couldn't function without it! You could probably pick one up used at a very reasonable price. Sadly, because it's discontinued, eventually it will become useless. Not sure what I'll do when that happens!


Kapt.Krunch Fri, 02/24/2012 - 03:58
thatjeffguy, post: 384981 wrote: Sadly, because it's discontinued, eventually it will become useless. Not sure what I'll do when that happens!

That's not necessarily true. As long as it still works, and can do the may still be useful. Heck, I still use an old Pentium 3 with only 192 Meg RAM and Win98 for my main MIDI rig. Why? Because it still works, and does the job. I left it at Cakewalk Pro 9, and when I built my audio computer, I got Sonar for it. Not like it's getting anything demanding, running only MIDI. I even have a couple extra RAM modules and a duplicate motherboard, in case it dies. My old BiPort 2x4s MIDI Interface doesn't work past Win98, and my favorite sketchpad composing internal soundcard, an old ISA-slot Roland Rap10, doesn't either.

The computer boots up completely in less than one minute, and shuts down in about 10 seconds. It's familiar, easier and has plenty of power for MIDI. I've had over 50 MIDI tracks going with no problem, all spitting out data (loaded with a LOT of (carefully timed and edited) CC data on a lot of tracks to two internal cards, and a few outboard devices, at once. I slave it to the audio computer once I get audio recorded, and it follows along seamlessly, allowing me to chose and mix'n'match sounds from several devices to fit around the audio.

Why change? Just because it's old? I don't care if people laugh at using outdated stuff. I tend to laugh at people updating and wasting money "just to keep up with the Jones", and discarding perfectly good working items, making themselves more poor, and the Chinese more rich.

No thanks, my old Nokia "phone" transmits and receives "phone" calls, and never drops out. And, it's cheap...around $30 will last me a month and a half. I have $23/mo hi-speed internet at home. Not gonna get locked into a contract to pay $70...$80...$100+ a month just to have the latest gadget camera/phone/internet/mp3-playing distraction device.

I have other things to spend money on. If it still does the job...why not use it?

Anyway..that Presonus thing looks KINDA handy, if all you want to do is control transport across the room. Not sure how handy only one fader is, though, except if you're just recording yourself...I can see the advantage to setting the level and hitting "Record", while in front of the mic, or over by your amp.


thatjeffguy Fri, 02/24/2012 - 10:01
Kapt. Krunch...
I'm in total agreement with you about this, if it still works, use it, and no need to rush to the 'newest' upodate on everything. In fact I have already held back on both DAW updates and OS updates to preserve the functionality of this and other devices/programs.
It's just that eventually the updated features will become so commonplace and useful that I will need to move forward to stay competitive.
The Tranzport requires a special 'plug in' to operate properly, and since Frontier are no longer supporting the device, there will be no updates to this plug-in. I suspect after Cubase's next update it will no longer function (and I'm already one version behind the current due to problems with the Tranzport).