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Fake CAD microphones?

I recently came across a seemingly great deal at musiciansfriend on a pair of "CAD" CTM-1000A capsule condenser mics for $99. The list price for the pair is $600, and the mics actual street price is $150 a piece. The deal seemed to good to be true, so I checked the CAD website but didn't find any mic with the model number CTM-1000A. I eventually discovered that the CTM-1000A is actually a mic built by a company called Astatic, which I've never heard of. Why would these Astatic mics be marketed as CAD mics when the mic itself actually says "Astatic" on it, and not "CAD"? CAD has a capsule condenser, the e70, that looks just like the Astatic CTM-1000A. I've also seen some retailers advertising the CTM-1000A as being built by Behringer, but being sold as CAD's. I'm a bit confused. Does anyone have any experience with Astatic mics?

Here's the link to the "CAD" CTM-1000A at musicians friend:
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Here's a link to the Astatic CTM-1000A:

Here's a link to the CAD e70:


moonbaby Mon, 03/05/2007 - 06:23
Astatic is the parent company of CAD. They both sell mics made in Conneaut, Ohio as well as overseas. The CAD line is their "Pro Audio" gear, the Astatic line is aimed more to the church and contractor markets. Many are the same basic model, but with a different designation. Sometimes this can be very confusing.

RemyRAD Mon, 03/05/2007 - 17:18
Just remember to keep that greasy side down and that shiny side up good buddy! Yeachhhhhh

Chances are, regardless of condenser microphone companies you choose, most of the capsules are made by Taiwanese firms. Most are marvelously mediocre. Some sound great. Others are not worth the slave children that built them. Roger that?

That old chrome Astatic lollipop ham/CB microphone was great wasn't it?? Takes me back to my CB years.

Now I'm doing a different kind of Smoky (cough)
Ms. Remy Ann David 10-7

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 03/06/2007 - 10:13
Yes Astatic owns CAD. Yes an e70 is the exact same thing as a CTM-1000a. And yes when you get those from MF they will be branded as Astatic. if any thing MF is slightly misleading.

It's just a good old fashioned good deal you found. I found it myself a few weeks ago and bought a set.
Good mics for $99 a set.

They are now $150 a piece, but just a couple weeks ago they were $250 a piece.

I have a feeling they are liquidating a bunch of product for Astatic / CAD.