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I recorded a theater event last week from the soundboard and I also recorded a track using a mic in the house to pick up some ambiance and audience reaction etc. Problem is, the seats in the house creak when you shift your weight. You can hear an example creak noise here:


This noise is close enough to separate "clicks" that I thought I might be able to use a click-pop filter (Cool Edit 2k) to fix it. This helps somewhat if I crank the settings up, but it is not as effective as I'd like. Is there any filter or program out there which could identify and remove just the chair-creak noises, while leaving the rest of the audio more-or-less intact? Thank for any tips!


David French Sun, 04/24/2005 - 15:48

The problem with this noise source is that it has a very wide band, just like the rest of the ambient noise and the music itself. This means that when you try to to spectral based NR, it will reduce the volume of everything, not just the creaks. From your file, I noticed that the creaks are dominant in the left channel. If it is this way througout, you could copy the right channel for 80 msec of so to help with isolated creaks, but with long series of clicks, this will be obvious. You can also try other algorithms like ones that look ahead or behind and replaces a segment with synthesized audio that has a similar spectrum.


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