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FireWire 800 Card for Windows

Looks like I need to upgrade my Windows box, I need a PCI FW 800 card, and/or is a PCIe the better slot. If I don't need to take an addition PCIe, I would save that for something else.
Any recommendations? I've never bought something like this, do I just go to my local Computer store?


rjuly Tue, 12/23/2014 - 06:56
installed. no muss, no fuss. Works. I am using it to connect my pc workstation to my Apollo Quad using the UAD firewire drivers. I am also able to connect the Apollo to my Mac Powerbook via the thunderbolt port using these same firewire drivers, but it is necessary to use a version 1 firewire card on the apollo - version 2 only supports thunderbolt drivers.


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