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firewire 800 port on imac

hi all
i have been thinking of getting a new imac with logic pro 9 as daw softeware
with a rme 400 as the interface
to replace my pc - mbox setup
which has just stopped woking
but i here that firewire 800 has probs can anyone tell me if this is so
or would the imac and rme 400 be a good setup for recording audio i like the idea of all the ins and outs on the rme 400
i only have a few day to make my mind up as i need to be recording again within the next 7 days
i am open to ideas and have about £1700 ish to spend on computer and interface plz help me out guys


djmukilteo Sun, 06/13/2010 - 10:38

You should go to the RME forum and check/search for the FW chipset compatibility with the imac.
And then make sure the iimac has the acceptable FW chips..
I'm pretty sure you won't use or need FW800, 400 is all that's needed.