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first digital studio

I'd like to give a little background information I'm hoping it might help

I have been recording with my uncle in his studio for the past 2 summers. He uses all analog, so I'm not too familiar with recording technology. I'm fairly computer-savvyhowever, so programs won't be too much of a problem. Right now i have my laptop, which is a pretty fast Dell Inspiron with a 1.83 dual-core and a gig of RAM. Just because it was there, I also got the Soundblaster Audigy HD sound card, but for 26 bux I dont know how much it is really going to affect my situation, if anyone has any experience with it, I'd like to hear.

I'm familiar with acoustics and the physical aspects of recording, but I need some guidance with digital equipment. I have 2 monitors that I use for my band, and two decent mics (I cant tell what kind they are because they were given to me, and presumably stolen...but I was younger then...).

My friend uses a Korg all-in-one 16XD (i think?)he got for a steal on eBay, and I
have used that a few times also.

Price isn't really an object, but considering i have my monitors and a few mics, under 1000 is my target price, but a few hundred over wouldnt be too bad.

I'm kind of leaning towards the workstation, but the Korg my friend has is discontinued (i think) and the menus on the touch screen are sometimes insane

I want to be able to go from my analog experiences to digital as easily as possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...