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Focusrite Red Series preamps... opinions?

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You know, I worked with this pre for a few days and thought it was wonderful. I rememeber, perhaps wrongly, it getting bashed as not being worth a crap. I was wondering what people here think of it and why. It doesnt get much attention in the top end pre market it seems. Actually, the only Focusrite mnetions I see are the cheap stuff and the ISA stuff. I wanna know about the Red series mainly.


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AudioGaff Tue, 10/30/2001 - 22:22
I own and use the RED-7 and find it one of the best and most used pieces of gear in my collection and I have quite a few to choose from. Check the gear lists of 1st class commericial studios and you will find the Focusrite Red stuff quite often.
I know I love mine. And it looks oh so pretty in the rack...

- Bruce -