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Focusrite saffire 26i/o?

When is this supposed to ship? Has anyone tried one? If so how does it compare to the Mackie 400f?


Pro Audio Guest Sat, 08/12/2006 - 12:18
I'm saving up for a RME Micstacy to go with my Fireface. Otherwise, 8 Greens for that price is pretty tempting. Probably the same pres they used in the first gen MBox... which aren't all that bad. I heard the Saffire's on-board effects are kinda weak though.

Focusrite will still be getting my money for a Liquid Mix!

October? ARRRRGHHH! Hurry up!

rmeulen Thu, 08/10/2006 - 00:46
WOW, didn't know about the 26i/o yet.
Seems like I've to consider getting a firepod and wait for the price and more specs of this one. Could not find anything about the possibility to tie a few of those together in order to have, for example, 24 channels available for record. But atleast it has read (AND front) connections, which I was hoping for the FP to have...

Any one got info about the price yet?