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foot triggerable samplers?

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Hi All,

My band is a four peice instrumental band (2 guitars, bass, and drums) and we would like to add some vocal samples to our music. We thought it would be great if one of the guitar players could trigger these with a foot controller. We have one that can do patch changes, but is not a midi trigger. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Nate Tschetter Fri, 04/27/2001 - 15:00
Hi Ken

Here's a few links to get you started...

[=""]Roland Pedalboard[/]="http://www.roland.c…"]Roland Pedalboard[/]
[[url=http://="…"]Hammond Pedalboard[/]="…"]Hammond Pedalboard[/]

Sexy, no...Effective, yes. You might also try a kick drum trigger.