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Hi All,
I've got this Bellari MP110 tube pre. It runs off a 12VAC (wall wart) power supply which tested good. The unit will not power up the tube ( tube is good) although the "ON" LED indicator faintly lights up.Upon popping the cover off I found the board had previously been repaired. It looks like someone added a small transistor and a resistor to the backside of the board. Rolls/ Bellari hasn't responded yet. Anyone familar with tube pre electronics? Is it worth fixing?


CoyoteTrax Wed, 07/27/2005 - 15:26

Sounds like someone (previous owner maybe?) may have done the Black Lion Bellari mod for the 110 and it didn't work out too well for them. In that case your warranty (if any) from Bellari is void.

Maybe buy a new one? Or shop for a different unit? Sounds fried to me.

DrewV Wed, 07/27/2005 - 23:22

yeah, I pretty much figured that. It was B-stock from American Musical Supply. It sat on the rack for about 5 years cause It was so crappy sounding. I think I'll gut it and put something decent in there!

rmburrow Sat, 10/07/2017 - 21:03

CharlesDayton, post: 159729, member: 49181 wrote: Grt the Hamptone kit and stick it in there. Although the Hamptone comes with a case.

See if Hamptone can build you a rack mount unit. Professional gear should have that option.