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FW-1884 issue - Firewire Controller brand w/ TI chipset


I'm pretty familiar with the picky FW-1884 and it's need for a FW controller with a TI chipset.

It seems that the Belkin uses the TI chipset. Does anyone know if that's a safe buy, or is there another brand that I should be checking out?




dementedchord Wed, 09/20/2006 - 20:43
hi... yeah tascam still doesn't want to own up to this one.... i've done some business with one retailer in indiana that was told that it wasn't a problem but hen recommended they stock a particular card... sorry dont remember which... but i've been told any of the TI's will work... you may want to ask a couple of the specialty builders what they are using...(scott at ADK pro audio would be a good source)